SEO Stack Pricing

Learn about SEO stack pricing & how our packages work. SEO stack has a number of different plan types depending on how much data you wish to process and store.





Clear, Simple Pricing for Clients

SEO Stack pricing is based on the volume of websites – you get ALL the functionality included irrespective of your plan – however, pricing is based on the volume of websites you add.





Plan Options

SEO Stack is priced around the volume of websites added as well as the amount of data rows needed. SEO stack provides the storage infrastructure via Google BigQuery – as such, the more data you use, the more of your allowance you will use.

SEO stack will show you how much data your account is using – you can easily upgrade/downgrade to suit your needs.





Pricing by Website & Quota Usage

SEO Stack will show you how much data you are using – storing lots of data means we have to price in bands where you’ll get an allocated amount of data storage – you can upgrade on the fly if you need more storage.





Fixed, Reliable & Transparent Pricing

SEO stack has clear and transparent pricing – Google BigQuery costs to store and process data – which is fundamentally the backbone of SEO stack.

Our pricing is transparent – you’ll see the API usage cost once logged in to your account.


Active & Legacy Cannibalisation Analysis

Cannibalisation impacts billions of websites across the web – it impedes organic performance and can significantly impact your SEO strategy – our new and advanced legacy & active cannibalisation analysis tools help you identify and resolve.

Query Row Count Analysis Tools

Better understand how Google perceives each page on your domain with our query row count analysis tools. Understand query groupings and how dead, weak and low quality pages on your domain could be dragging down organic visibility.

Advanced Content Optimisation

With integrated INLINKS API – learn more about your contents raw topical coverage and how that aligns with search console query data. Advanced content optimisation tools with search console integration will significantly improve your organic content strategy.

Full Query Mapping & Grouping Tools

Say goodbye to the limitations of search console filtering – our query mapping and grouping tools allow you to better access and manage query analysis by allowing multi layering of filters so you can include and exclude data simultaneously.

Run SEO Tests & Experiment Like Never Before

With our search console integration – run SEO tests and experiments to see how changes you make to your website impact organic performance. Make more educated decisions based on data – changing content? changing page layouts? adjusting navigation? changing titles or other elements? get a clearer view of SEO changes and how they impact position / organic performance.

What Our Customers Say

Tony Saber


SEO Stack has seriously helped our organic analysis & delivery. Very powerful & intuitive.

Highly recommend.

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